Personalized 340B

Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and cross-functional team of experts

Commited to your compliance, financial health and community

Regular program performance reviews – weekly, quarterly, annually

Working together to improve your program

340B seminars where we come to you

Hands-on, expert driven workshops

340B industry and CaptureRx updates

Network and collaborate with your peers

Learn solutions to strengthen your program

Quick, relevant, actionable webinars

What you need to know now

Hear from 340B experts

Actionable insights to use today

Stay up to date on industry changes

Become a certified 340B coordinator

Set your program and people up for success

Optimize your compliance & savings

Formalized curriculum created by experts

Online, flexible learning system

Your mentor for ACE certification

We help fund the certification

We provide support throughout

Your path to certification

340B consulting for your unique needs

Powered by PatientCraft consultants

Limit 340B audit risk

Improve savings

Optimize patient care

On demand learning

A robust online training program

Providing practical industry knowledge

Access to a vast network of resources

Pass discounts for medications directly to the patient

Enhanced 340B compliance at the point of sale

Meets HRSA’s mandatory sliding fee guidelines for FQHCs

Customize fees and/or medications to meet your organizational needs

Propietary software platform

Built specifically to solve the challenges of 340B

Simplicity and transparency to increase efficiency