Personalized 340B

Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and cross-functional team of experts

Commited to your compliance, financial health and community

Regular program performance reviews – weekly, quarterly, annually

Working together to improve your program

Our experts look at your books to optimize your 340B savings

We identify contract pharmacy opportunities, audit your filters and conduct a volume analysis

Ensuring savings are 340B compliant

Analysis of your current pharmacy network

Expand your specialty, retail chain, independent and mail order networks

Proximity mapping and a feasibility analysis

Capture all eligible prescriptions in your market

Understand pharmacy performance trends

Our systematic approach to quickly launch your program and accurately collect your savings is the fastest in the industry

Our 90-days-or-less implementation record means your 340B program can be up and running faster

Our approach to revenue cycle management means you receive your savings accurately and faster than anyone in the industry

Transferring your 340B program to CaptureRx is simple and fast. Keep your current contract pharmacies or we can recommend additional new ones through robust analysis of your program

Track your referral claims

Expand your overall 340B savings

Claims match on the patient filter

ReferDoc is housed in your Cumulus account

Expand your 340B savings

Track your specialty pharmacy claims

Expanded formulary

Multiple pharmacy options to choose from

Variable pricing models

A gateway to grow your 340B benefits

One platform, mulitple TPA partners

10-day turnkey implementation

No switch or implementation fees

Free volume analysis