The 340B Drug Pricing Program. What is 340B?

The 340B program was enacted by Congress in 1992 as part of the Public Health Service Act

The program was designed for Hospitals, Clinics, and Health Centers to stretch scarce federal resources and reach more eligible patients

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Here’s How it Works

340B requires Drug makers participating in Medicare and Medicaid to sell outpatients drugs at a discount to eligible hospitals.

The savings from this go toward expanding health services.

Allowing entities to treat more patients at a lower cost.

How Do Entities Become Eligible?

Entities are held to a high standard in order to be eligible to receive 340B discounts

This includes:

Treating a high percentage of low-income patients

Or operating in a rural community

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How Does This Help Our Communities?

340B hospitals provide 60% of uncompensated hospital care

In Rural America – 340B helps hospitals stay open

This access to care strengthens communities and saves lives – against things like chronic illness and epidemics